Nowadays Everyone wants their online identity. These days, it’s very to easy to create website by using a website builder, it’s doesn’t matter if you have programming skill or not.There are many site builder but today one of the most popular website builder is site pro for cPanel users. Most Hosting providers are using a site builder on their server because of user friendly interface and good templates. Here are the steps for site pro installation in cPanel server.

Some key features of this site builder:-

– Unlimited quantity of websites
– Easy to launch
– Less support needed
– Works on our or your server
– 40+ languages
– 170 templates

Installation instructions:

– Login to cPanel WHM server ssh as root

– Download installation script by executing this command:

  wget -N

– Add execute permissions for the downloaded installation script by executing this command:

  chmod +x ./siteprobuilder;

– Run installation script by executing this command:


Now it’s done. You will be able to see site builder icon in cpanel.

If you are hosting Provider and not using any site builder till now or not happy with your current site builder. So you should use this site builder on your server to gain customer and increase your company revenue.