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Our first reaction when we hear the word exam is panic. There won’t be a single soul who hasn’t spent some sleepless nights over sitting for an exam. However, in the new age of internet it is now easy to gather knowledge about an exam and understand the strategies involved in successful preparation.

My go to website, whenever I need some information about an exam is I chanced upon the website when I was looking for sample papers for and the website featured in the top most results in my Google feed. I have been a regular visitor of the website ever since. is a portal about entrance exams and recruitment exams held in India. The website covers over 150 Entrance examinations held in India and also covers the top most recruitment exams conducted in India. Apart from the range of exams covered on the website, the website also stands out in its easy to use user interface.

Unique Features of the Website

The website is designed to provide the most to the user. Evidently it has some unique but user-friendly features.

The home page of features the ongoing exams of all streams. This allows a prospective candidate to never miss out on dates.

The home page also has a tab for latest news placed conveniently for the users. By clicking on this tab, a user can access all the current news related to an exam.

Coming to exams, the website caters to every single aspect of an exam ranging from application process to results and counselling.

One can also search for exams by typing in the name, such as CAT, GATE, KVPY, IBPS PO, etc.

One of the best qualities I liked about the website is its emphasis on the analytical aspect of every exam. The website has numerous articles on analysis of various exams. So when you visit, you don’t just gather information about the questions about an exam but you also end up with a detailed analysis of the pattern and trends over the years which eventually helps you in your preparation in the long run.


Design and U/I

Coming to design an U/I, I like the minimalistic design of the website. There are no fancy designs or logos or doodles, which clearly tell you that means business. They are not here to distract you with useless images and photographs, rather they would have you spend your time reading one more useful sentence about an exam.

The website is clearly categorized in streams to ease the search for candidates. Also there are separate categories for Government recruitment exams, entrance exams, and exams which are compulsory for studying abroad.

The website is ad-free and doesn’t bother you after every click for a sign up or a subscription. You can breeze through the website without having to disclose your identity. However, I strongly suggest to get your email registered with the website so that you could get regular updates about the entrance exams conducted in the stream of your choice.

The loading time for the website is less than 3 seconds which means that verified and accurate information about exams is at your fingertips within seconds.

The also has a search function on its homepage and every tab which allows a user to search for a specific exam without any hassle. Every exam has a news bar at the end of the page which lets you explore current news about the exam.

Apart from all the information available on the website, there is also an option to contact exam experts, who readily answer questions and doubts. Candidates can also post their questions through their Facebook profile.


Top feature

One of the features for which is particularly known is its huge database of cut offs. Any exam, any course, you name it and collegedunia will tell you the previous year cut off and cut off trends. As any aspirant who has ever appeared in an exam would know, cut offs play a major part in preparation and after the exam is over in determining the position or rank a candidate might score.


Conclusion is a leading web portal which provides authentic information about entrance and competitive exams held in India and guides a candidates through various stages of application, preparation, and result. The website provides an interactive interface for a user to maximize on their experience. It has a different approach which differs from all other market players in the exam domain. Its sole aim is to help students excel in an exam and secure their place in desired college and career.

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