The CentOS Web Panel ( CWP ) is the one of the more popular control panel, which is available for CentOS, CloudLinux and RHEL Servers. If you are a system administrator or website Owner and don’t want to buy cPanel or any other paid control panel to manage your server, so you can go to the CentOS Web Panel. By Using this Panel, you can manage your server like to add a domain. Database, email id etc. Here are the steps to install centos web panel (cwp) centos 7.

System Requirements For CWP Installation :-

– A Fresh Installed Server Without any changes in Configuration.
– Should Have Minimum 1 GB RAM but 4 GB recommended.
– Server Must be configured with Static IP.
– A Valid Hostname.
– Must Logged in By root Authentication.

Installation Guide :- 

Before Starting CWP Installation you need to update your server. Now follow below steps to update your server CWP installation.

Step 1 : Make ready For Installation

yum -y install wget

Step 2 : Update your server. 

yum -y update

Step 3 : Restart your server After update.


Step 4 : 

For CentOS 6

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-latest

For CentOS 7

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-el7-latest

Step 5 : Once Installtion will be complete After that restart your server. 


After installation you can go to CentOS Web Panel Admin GUI at http://SERVER_IP:2030/ and for PhpMyAdmin go to http://SERVER_IP:2030/pma/

That’s all for now. Now enjoy and use your free control panel. Please, give your feedback in the comment box if you found this article helpful.