First We need to know about cPanel

cPanel is a control panel that allows users to manage servers through a Graphical User interface instead of the command line. You can easily manage your Websites Files , Email and DNS by using cPanel.

Installation Guide 

System Requirements

Minimum of 1 GB RAM
Perl must be installed
CentOS 7/6/5 or RHEL 6/5 or CloudLinux 6/5

Now login to your server as ‘root’ via SSH.

You should check your hostname by using

hostname -f

You will get output of your server hostname. If you are not getting output then you can configure hostname by using


Replace to your own domain name. you can also use IP Address of that server on which you are installing cPanel

Now You need to use following command

cd /home
 wget -N
 sh latest


For Centos 7

cd /home
 curl -o latest -L
 sh latest

cPanel installation Process will take 1 hour or more. After installation you have to reboot your server.
After reboot you can simply type in url yourhostname or IP Address of your server. or and 2087 ( with SSL ) or or

Replace with your server IP. Now you need to login to your account as root user and configure your cPanel.

Hope this article will help you.