Sometimes We need to transfer files from our personal computer to any remote windows system.
We can use multiple methods to transfer files of the most popular method is FTP. But in this case you need to install FTP server on remote computer.

In this article we will discuss how to transfer files from local drive to remote computer by using remote desktop session. This is the very simple and easy way to transfer files.

Let’s Start

Step 1 – Open remote desktop windows and enter your remote server name or IP address.



Step 2 – Now click on show options. After clicking you will see multiple option.



Step 3 – Under show option section you will see local resources section. Now under section local devices and resources click on more.


Step 4 – Now you will drive option. If you want to access all drives to select this option or you can also select any particular drive which you want to access on remote computer.



That’s all ! Now click on OK and access your remote computer. You will see your local drive in my computer option. Hope this article is helpful for you to transfer files from local system to remote computer.