Usually we want to access websites in our network like school, college ,office etc…Sometimes few websites will be blocked by our ISP or many be due to some country restrictions. There are many methods by using  you can access blocked websites,  Some methods are listed below to access websites at any place.

Using IP address of website: 

Sometimes websites blocked by url ( , ). In this case we can access these sites by using IP address of these sites. To get site ip address you can open cmd ( In Windows and for mac user terminal ) ping after that you will get IP address of website.

Steps to access CMD: Click start menu and type command prompt.  You can also use third party website




You need to type this IP address in your browser,  if ip is not blocked only url is blocked so you able to access IP.


By Using Proxy Website and VPN: 

Virtual private network (VPN) is the best solution to access any blocked websites in your country or network. VPN is a network connection that enables you to create a secure connection over the public Internet to private networks at a remote location. With a VPN, all network traffic (data, voice, and video) goes through a secure virtual tunnel between the host device (client) and the VPN provider’s servers, and is encrypted. VPN technology uses a combination of features such as encryption, tunneling protocols, data encapsulation, and certified connections to provide you with a secure connection to private networks and to protect your identity. The best VPNs are not free. If you really need privacy or want to avoid proxy websites.

Proxy sites are the sites designed to give you access any website by keeping your identity anonymous. basically when you visit any site from your local system , the web server gets to know your IP address, which can be used to track you, however if you visit the same site via a proxy site then your IP is not revealed to that web server. proxy server requests that page on your behalf, so IP of proxy server goes and then that page is sent to you by the proxy server. There are many proxy websites. etc…


By Using Google Translate:

Usually Institutes or even countries sometimes don’t ban Google Translate. So, you can bypass the restriction by converting the blocked website into some other language that you may know. Try Google Translate and see for yourself. This is the another simple way to access blocked websites.